Kids & Curls: The Ultimate Guide

Every parent wants the best for their children, and we all want them to grow up loving themselves and having confidence. Taking care of children’s hair is much easier than we’ve been made to believe, as long as we know where to start! We know that washing your kid’s hair might be a struggle, but we’re about to change that for you.

Keep reading to find out the answers to commonly asked questions from parents, regarding hair care. The following steps will have your little one thank you - now, and in 10 years’ time.

Which products are suitable for little kids? 

All our products are suitable for all ages, as they’re made of natural, gentle ingredients that are human and eco-friendly. No traces of harsh ingredients that harm the skin, hair or eyes! For our little ones, we usually go for our favourite children’s brand CurlyEllie, which is also hypoallergenic!

CurlyEllie was founded by a mother looking for solutions for her daughter (Ellie’s) curly hair . Read their story here.

CurlyEllie Full line - products suitable for kids

How to prep (mentally!) 

Talking to kids about their hair is much more helpful than we ever thought it would be! This way, we prepare them for the whole process, helping them understand and learn how to care for their hair. Explaining why each step is necessary increases their willingness to participate and co-operate.

Besides, it’s their hair, so they definitely have an opinion about it - and we ought to respect that 🥰


This routine requires 3 main products:
1. shampoo
2. conditioner
3. a styling product

Additional accessories that help are a detangling brush and the softest CurlyEllie Towel that minimises friction, reducing frizz and dehydration. 

CurlyEllie Shampoo, Conditioner and Styling products


We always begin by saturating hair with water. Apply some of the Gentle Shampoo to your fingers and massage the scalp.If the shampoo doesn’t foam on the first application, don’t stress (it’s normal!), just repeat the process and you’ll see a lot more foam the second time round. 

Hydrating & Detangling

  1. Rinse the shampoo thoroughly and proceed with some Nourishing Conditioner. Apply to the lengths of the hair, always starting from the edges, working your way up.
  2. Brush through the hair with your fingers or a detangling brush, always starting from the edges. The conditioner adds beautiful slip, while brushing helps hair fully absorb the conditioner’s nourishing properties.
  3. After detangling, rinse off the conditioner and tie the hair with a gentle hair-tie.

If you’d rather detangle outside of the shower, opt for the Detangling Spray on wet hair and brush the same way as described above.

CurlyEllie Detangling Spray

Long-lasting hold after a shower is possible! 

Want to keep curls defined and moisturised for longer? Apply a styling product, right after washing and detangling

👉🏽 If your kid has medium or coarse hair, choose the Natural Hold Gel. For fine hair, opt for the Serum.

👉🏽In case you need extra moisture, combine one of the above with the magical Leave-in Conditioner.

  1. Apply styling products on wet hair. Always emulsify between your palms before applying to hair! Apply starting from the edges. Rake through with your fingers or brush for even distribution. Watch how I style my sister’s hair here!
  2. Dry hair using a diffuser or let it air-dry, preferably with as minimal touching as possible!

TIP 1: Refresh between wash-days applying some product with water on dry hair.

TIP 2: Avoid brushing dry hair at all costs! Always brush hair while it’s wet, using a conditioner or a detangling spray for easier slip and minimal breakage. 

How to care for your child’s wavy/curly hair

I assure you that these steps will make your routine easy and effective, while allowing your kid to build a healthy relationship with their hair. 🧡 At the same time, you’ll teach our little curlfriend how to gradually take their hair-care into their own hands! 

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