Who we are

Welcome to boucles project. We’re a small team of curl lovers who are passionate about bringing you the highest quality products, exclusively created for wavy, curly, and coily hair.

As well as providing our curlfriends in Cyprus and Greece with a wide range of CGM approved products, we strive to offer you exceptional customer service. We're by your side at every step of your curl journey and work tirelessly to find solutions to any problems you may face.

We celebrate curls and are on a mission to ensure that everyone with textured hair feels proud of who they are. So that no curly child goes through what we went through.

Our products are sourced directly from the manufacturers, ensuring you have the original product with the freshest ingredients.

What makes our products different

Powered by nature

We know you’ve probably tried hundreds of products that claim to be good for curls. We tried them all too! So we know first-hand how hard it is for people with textured hair to find products that actually work.That’s because conventional haircare products contain harsh, drying ingredients that disrupt the natural harmony of the scalp and dehydrate curly hair.

The answer lies in nature.

We’ve gone back to basics and source products that are powered by nature. Our products harness the power of natural ingredients that soothe and hydrate curls, bringing you the best results for your wash days.

Our committment to the environment

Sustainable Packaging

We wanted to create beautiful packaging that you would look forward to receiving, but also reflected our values. Our delivery boxes are 100% biodegradable and are FSC approved.

We also use 100% biodegradable cornstarch-based packing peanuts which ensure your products are kept secure in the box. The peanuts are recyclable and dissolve in water without harming our ecosystem. So if you no longer need them, just put them in the sink and watch them wash away!

Product Packaging

We work with brands who share our values, and prioritise partnering with clean, green beauty brands, to do our part in minimising our impact on the environment.

You’ll see that all our bottles are made from recycled plastic, or sugarcane, with some brands ditching the bottles altogether and opting for pouches - a process that reduces plastic use by 70%.

Why our products?

Made for curls

We source only the best products exclusively made for curly hair.

Kind to the environment

Our products are kind to hair and the environment.

Plant powered

Powered by mother nature at her finest.

Welcome to the curly (r)evolution.

- Team boucles project