The CurlyEllie Story

Meet the founder, Zaina OHalloran

I started CurlyEllie because I believe that "no more tears" should mean exactly that, for everyone with even the most curly hair. 



 My motivation was the heart break of seeing my 2 year old daughter (CurlyEllie herself) wincing as I pulled the comb through her forest of curls each night. Her curls were so beautiful but so difficult and upsetting (for us both!) to manage.  I turned to friends, family and social media to find the answer. I would routinely stop other parents of curly haired children and ask for advice on hair care. The only consistent theme in the responses I got was that nobody was that happy with the products they were using. This led me to develop the CurlyEllie Hair Collection.  

As well as a product that worked, I needed products that were as kind and as natural as possible, due to the eczema and allergies that Ellie suffered as a baby. 

At CurlyEllie we believe we have created custom crafted, high quality and unique hair products designed specifically for sensitive, curly, kinky and frizzy hair to moisturise, hydrate, detangle, define and shine your child's curls. This is our goal.

We also happen to be gluten free, SLS free, SLES free, dairy free, peanut free, wheat free, silicone free, paraben free and we are free of all mineral oils. 

Most importantly, all our materials are sourced in an ecologically conscious way. 

Now, Ellie has a product that works and her hair looks great!!