Diffusing 101

At last, a blog post dedicated to my beloved drying method: Diffusing!

Whether you’re a diffusing expert or a complete beginner we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to discover all the valuable steps that will, not only maximise your results on each wash-day, but also prevent heat-damage. 
Oh, and before we start, you can always get your own diffuser attachment  here  😉

Why should you try diffusing?

This drying method will allow you to control everything about the final result - the volume, length, frizz and the time it takes for your hair to dry. What’s best about it is that using the correct drying method will encourage your curl shape and lock in your styling products for DAYS!

Also, as mentioned in the previous blog post,, drying your hair fully before stepping out in the cold is best to prevent damage on cold winter days.

Temperature and intensity matter

Diffusing doesn’t have to cause damage; simply use your hair dryer on low/medium temperature to avoid heat damage. To  ensure your hair dries evenly and  you’re minimising frizz, diffuse on low/medium intensity. 

💡If you want more volume, increase the intensity to high, after your hair is 40-50% dry. 

If you’re looking for a heat protectant and something that will also protect against environmental stressors!), you can always add the Curlsmith Miracle Shield to your routine.

Roots first!

Busted! We know you’ve tried diffusing starting from the ends of your hair 🫢 - we won’t judge, we’ve done it too 😛. Did you know that drying your roots first is beneficial both for the final outcome and for your overall hair health? 

  1. Starting from the roots helps create an even final result. It gives natural volume to the roots which would have otherwise been weighed down if they had remained wet.
  2. Drying the roots first = drying the scalp thoroughly.  Having a wet scalp for a long time creates the optimal environment for fungi to develop, leading to various skin conditions.

How to diffuse for Volume vs Length

Diffusing for volume: 

Gently turn your head upside-down to increase root volume. Hover the diffuser over your hair without touching it and focus on the roots. When your hair has dried 40-50%,  cup the diffuser to scrunch your hair and  encourage curl formation and volume. 

You can see how I diffuse my hair using this routine here!

Diffusing for length:

Start diffusing either upside-down or upright, (depending on what your roots need to dry effectively.) Continue in an upright position and hold the diffuser vertically to your hair. This way, you’ll achieve more elongated curls with less volume.

Click to see the different results using these techniques.

In both cases, to speed up root drying, try turning your head from side to side .

By now, you’ve realised how much I love diffusing and I hope to have tempted you to give it a try. Are you #teamvolume or #teamlength? 

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