Ecoslay Matcha Boost

Ecoslay Matcha Boost

Ecoslay Matcha Boost

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This easy-to-apply protein treatment contains both quinoa and keratin hydrolyzed protein to allow deep penetration in both fine and coarse hair strands. While the proteins work together to improve cuticle strength, the matcha extract is busy fighting hair loss and shedding with powerful DHD-fighters like catechins and caffeine. When used regularly, this simple but powerful conditioner, will help to improve and maintain strong, full, bouncy and shiny hair. 

Keep Refrigerated.

Apply liberally to clean, preferably clarified hair. Rinse. Refer to table for recommended usage. For best results, follow up with Banana Cream deep conditioner.

Porosity Health How often? How long? Heat?
High Healthy Weekly 5 minutes No
High Damaged Weekly 30 minutes No
Low Healthy Monthly 5 minutes Yes
 Low Damaged Weekly 30 minutes Yes


Distilled water, Ceteryl alcohol, Colza oil, hydrolyzed quinoa protein, hydrolyzed keratin protein, Matcha extract, Propanediol, Hp starch, Caprylhydroxamic acid gg

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