6 tips for healthy winter hair

Every season comes with its challenges - and winter is no different. Dry heat from radiators, the constant temperature change in-and-out of the house and the scorching hot water in the shower,  are a recipe for disaster. Dehydrated hair and scalp, flaking, breakage and dullness are common issues throughout the winter.

Not to worry, though, we’ve put together 6 tips to help you navigate your way to a balanced scalp and healthy hair this winter season. 

Scalp Tips

1. Oil it up!

Now is your best chance to use your favourite oil!

A nourishing, pre-shampoo, oil will save your scalp from dryness and itching. Want the absolute best choice? Flora&Curl’s Pre-shampoo oil. Use it as a scalp treatment for at least 20 minutes before shampooing. Ideally, follow with the whole Soothe Me line for maximum results! 

This oil melts away product build-up and dead skin cells, while preparing the scalp for effective shampooing without compromising its health. Nourishing oils boost skin health which leads to faster hair growth!

2. Massage, massage, massage!

The easiest, most irresistible ( + free 😜) step for healthier hair!

Before (or while) shampooing, take a few minutes to gently massage your scalp. Alternatively, bribe your younger sibling (or child) with some sweets for a scalp massage session in front of the TV 🤪

Other than providing ultimate relaxation, massaging is a great way to increase blood circulation and boost hair growth and overall scalp health. 

  • Bonus 1: Combine with Tip 1, for extra nourishment. 
  • Bonus 2: Massage in the morning to add volume to your roots!

If you’re looking for a deeper massage (and a way to prevent your arms from getting tired), try the Scalp Massager.

3. Clarify to help your scalp breathe

Did you think you could get away with not clarifying? 👀 Winter might be the time for moisturising, gentle products, but clarifying remains just as important. 

Besides, if your scalp has build-up, how will it possibly absorb all the nourishing ingredients from your oil and shampoo? Don’t forget that inefficient cleansing leads to root frizz, and that’s definitely not something we want! 

A clarifying shampoo is stronger than normal curly cleansers. These types of shampoos remove excess product build-up, dead skin cells and dirt, giving your scalp a deeper cleanse.

Our favourite winter choice? The phenomenal Flora & Curl Coconut Mint Scalp Refresh Shampoo; full of natural, nourishing ingredients, including tea tree oil, aloe vera juice and coconut water. This product is designed to clean the scalp deeply, while soothing irritation symptoms from dryness, dandruff and psoriasis! 

Hair Tips

1. Hydration is your bestie

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, wavy/curly hair is drier by nature -  and even more so during the winter! 

Winter air (and warm air from radiators ) is generally drier than summer air. As a result, moisture from your hair is drawn out and into the environment, leaving it thirsty for some moisture. 

The solution? A deep conditioning mask, or richer moisturising styling products

If you’re not sure which mask or styling products are right for your hair type, take the Boucles quiz for personalised product recommendations! 

2. Use warm water

Do you love getting in a super hot shower? (we do too!) 

We know it’s the best feeling after a tiring, cold day but your hair has different needs… High water temperatures can compromise the health of your hair, as it causes dehydration, damage and frizz. 

To keep your hair healthy, it’s better to wash it with lukewarm water. Even better? Try washing upside-down to prevent crown frizz, and save the hot water for your body! 

3. Wet hair outside is a no-no!

Hair is more vulnerable when it’s wet in the cold. Lower temperatures cause water molecules to expand, thus making hair more susceptible to breakage and damage. That’s why we recommend waiting until your hair is 100% dry, before stepping out into the cold! 

Try diffusing on medium speed and medium heat. This way, you can get a great end result without having to wait forever for your hair to fully dry. 

Want to see how I diffuse my hair? Click here 

And if you don’t have a diffuser attachment for your hair dryer, check out our super cute collapsible diffuser

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to send us a message on Instagram or Messenger or send us an email at info@bouclesproject.com. We’re here to help you curlfriend!