Thank you for celebrating Earth Month with us!

April is Earth month and for us, it’s yet another opportunity to spread awareness about eco-friendly practices that promote a healthy planet. Whilst our primary mission is to help you love your natural hair, it goes without saying that it’s crucial for us to do so in a sustainable manner. Our priority is to provide you with truly natural, harmless products that use sustainable packaging and minimise waste; allowing us to celebrate and preserve our precious Earth every month. 

Our commitment to the planet and your health is reflected in every choice we make. From day one, we’ve chosen our brands consciously and carefully, making sure their values align with ours. All our brands use natural ingredients that encourage healthy hair which are also safe for your body and respect our environment. After all, most products we use daily end up in the environment and that’s why using harmless products is so important for preserving the ecosystem! 

Our promise towards the planet doesn’t stop inside the bottle, but extends to every aspect of our packaging. All of our brands use sustainable packaging that helps reduce their carbon footprint. For example, Ecoslay recently ditched plastic bottles for sustainable pouches and reduced plastic use by 70%! Our own delivery boxes follow FSC guidelines, which preserve forests, and both our packing peanuts and packaging tape are biodegradable, with the latter using water-soluble ink and water instead of glue as an adhesive!

Respecting our planet requires our continuous, collective effort, which is reflected in the seemingly-little choices we make every day. That’s why we’re thankful to all of you who choose our products and support our efforts, because every time you do so, you play your own part in creating a healthy planet for everyone.