Summerproof your curls!

This summer, be proactive! Instead of waiting until the summer's over to start looking after your hair, protect your hair with our carefully curated kits which will allow you to boast damage-free curls in September!

Keep reading for our top tips on summer-proofing your curls this season. 

Sun Protection

Did you know that extended exposure to the sun can cause major hair damage? With our Summer Rescue Kit, you can enjoy a refreshing swim (especially with this year's temperatures), without sacrificing the health of your hair.

  1. Before going for a swim, wet your hair (with clean water) and apply a small amount of the CurlyEllie Intensive Treatment Mask which will create a protective barrier around your hair. Repeat this process when you come out of the water as this mask also contains natural UV protection which will protect you from the sun’s rays.
  1. Just like your muscles need a protein shake after a hard workout, so does your hair after a lot of exposure to the sun / sea / pool. The Ecoslay Matcha Boost strengthens even the weakest hair. Apply once a week after rinsing out your shampoo, to reverse damage caused by the sun, dyes and straightening. Follow up with your conditioner and style as normal. 

This duo will not only save your hair, but will also reverse any existing damage! What are you waiting for? Experience the magic today! 

Humidity Protection

We all know that summers in Cyprus & Greece mean humidity! And whilst a little frizz is normal, you shouldn’t let the humidity get the better of you. 

The Humidity Rescue Kit is the perfect styling combination to add a protective layer over your hair that will keep your curls popping and frizz-free for days. 

  1. Start by applying the Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel: a light, creamy styling gel, rich in natural proteins that help repair damage, provide curl formation and - most importantly - fight humidity!
  2. Lock in all the goodness with the Bounce Curl Alcohol-free Hair Spray: a year-round must-have, this hair spray is especially useful in the summer. It gives a strong hold, great humidity protection & is the perfect addition for your up-dos or events. *A little goes a long way! Spray the hairspray onto wet hands and smooth over hair to avoid crispy curls. 

Enjoy beautiful curls whilst you dance the night away! 

On-the-go Protection

You’re going on holiday and we love that for you! 😎 You’re going to need a simple routine that will give you healthy, defined curls, without the hassle - so you can enjoy every moment of your holiday.

  1. To wash your hair, use the CurlyEllie Gentle Shampoo: our ultimate best-seller! This moisturising shampoo is perfect for all scalp types and will leave your hair squeaky clean. Exactly what you need after those dips in the ocean! 
  2. Then, follow up with the CurlyEllie Intensive Treatment Mask: a fantastic multi-tasker. Use this as a conditioner, a mask, or as a leave-in. This mask is super moisturising, minimising frizz and restoring shine and bounce to your hair. It also contains natural ingredients that provide UV protection, so you can apply it before swimming or sun exposure for an extra layer of protection. 
  3. Finally, use the CurlyEllie Natural Hold Hair Gel to style even the driest curls. This creamy gel nourishes damaged hair and gives a medium hold to help define your curls. The perfect single-styler for every trip!

Time to put your feet up and relax 🍹Choose your kit (or two) of preference and enjoy your gorgeous curls on vacation. 

If you’re struggling with your waves or curls, you can always book a one-on-one, online Curl Coaching session with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.