How to protect your hair during the Summer

Long sunny days, trips to the beach, outdoor gigs and road trips - there’s nothing that can compare to that summer feeling, when you come back home late on a Sunday night having had the most perfect weekend! 

This summer, we want you to have a fantastic time, whilst also having fantastic curls! Because we all know what it feels like when September comes around and we realise we’ve damaged our hair beyond repair! So this summer, follow our simple tips to keep your hair protected throughout the season and ensure it always feels healthy and hydrated!  

Protection at the beach or pool 

Sitting out in direct sunlight dries your hair out and causes damage, both from the UV rays, and from the extreme heat. To protect your hair, try to avoid sitting out in direct sunlight during peak hours, and if you really have to, then please put a hat on! 

If you want extra protection, try using a heat-protectant spray like Flora & Curl African Citrus Superfruit Detangling Mist or the Curlsmith Miracle Shield. If you want something that’s a little more intense and also adds hydration, try the CurlyEllie's mask (which you can also use as a weekly deep conditioner). 

Protect your hair from Sun damage

All these products are formulated with UV protection, so can be applied to dry hair whilst you’re sitting out in the sun. They also offer protection from the sea and pool water by creating a protective barrier so that your hair doesn’t soak up any nasty chemicals from the water which can cause damage and dry it out. Before entering the sea or pool, rinse your hair in clean water and apply your protector of choice to create that protective barrier. 

Once you’ve had your little swim, rinse your hair again with clean water, to ensure you’re washing off any salt or pool water and re-apply, or apply a rich moisturising cream like the Flora & Curl Sweet Hibiscus Twist & Braid Cream to keep your curls shiny, bouncy and well-defined. 

Keep your hair protected from Saltwater/Pool water

Humidity Protection

A curly’s worst nightmare: humidity!! It can take perfectly styled curls to a frizz ball within minutes, and we know it’s a real pain! Our biggest secret? Layer your gels! Adding a strong hold gel on top of your normal gel will give you extra hold, which will also give you more humidity protection. You could also try sealing everything in with the Bounce Curl Alcohol-Free Hair Spray which is my go-to, especially when attending outdoor events (like weddings) in high humidity! This hair spray adds a protective shield, setting your curls in place(without the crunchiness) and keeping your hair frizz-free for longer. 

Use a strong hold gel to protect your hair from humidity

Bonus Tips:

  1. Use a deep conditioner weekly to keep your hair healthy and hydrated 
  2. Speaking of hydration - drink plenty of water, especially during the summer months! 
  3. Wear a hat for extra protection 
  4. Enjoy every moment of summer  🏄🏽‍♀️

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