How to boost hair growth

Hair length… a triggering subject for many, that can be resolved in a few easy steps! Keep reading for 5 of my favourite and most effective tips to help your hair grow longer, faster!

Before following any of these steps, take a ‘’before’’ picture to compare your progress in a couple of months 😉 

How to boost hair growth

Care for what you already have

Before diving into any hair-growth methods, let’s assess your current hair health. What do I mean by that? 

  1. If part of your hair has been through a ton of damage (from chemical treatments, heat, the sun etc), it’s absolutely crucial that this damage is removed immediately or gradually. For example, if you’re dealing with split ends, the right haircut will revitalise your hair strands to prevent any further damage. Removing damage will allow your hair to come back to life.

  2. If you happen to brush your hair in a way that leads to breakage, the new hair growth will never be visible. Make sure you a) brush using a gentle detangling brush b) always brush your hair when it’s wet and saturated in conditioner! And remember to always start from the ends and work your way up to the roots.  

  3. Do you have weak strands that break easily? Strengthen your hair with a repairing mask and preserve your length by minimising unnecessary breakage. Choose between the Bond Curl Rehab Salve, for deep bond repair (perfect for chemically treated hair) or the Ecoslay Matcha Boost, which provides both strength and some hydration (perfect for lightly damaged hair).

Care for waves & curls to accelerate hair growth

Full speed ahead

Alright, you took care of all the above and now you want to accelerate your hair growth. Here’s what you should try:

  1. I know it sounds cliché, but a balanced diet absolutely does help with hair health. It all starts from the inside! If you’re looking for nutritional support, I suggest adding vitamins and supplements to your routine, depending on what your body needs. Take a look at these delicious, vegan SweetBunny® vitamins, that will not only support your hair health, but also that of your nails 💅🏽

  2. In case you’ve been following my tips for a while (as you should 😌), you’ve already noticed that I like to solve all my problems with some massage 😜 Massage your scalp daily for at least 5 minutes, to increase blood circulation and enhance scalp health. For even better results, combine with a nourishing oil as a weekly scalp treatment (1-2 times/week) and watch your hair grow faster than ever. 

How to boost hair growth

Hair health depends on various bodily and environmental factors - taking care of both will give you the best results.
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*If you’re seriously concerned about your hair health, I suggest speaking to your doctor!