3 Steps To Recover From Hair Damage

Hair is fragile and can easily get damaged whilst we go about our busy lives. When it comes to hair damage, there are plenty of potential causes, but some of the most common are:

  • Regular straightening and exposure to high heat
  • Sun exposure 
  • Chlorine or sea water 
  • Pollution 

All of these can lead to a significant loss of moisture and elasticity in your hair. Your curls may feel dry and stretched out. They might lack bounce and elasticity and you'll notice that the curls don't last for as long as they used to. 

But don't worry, we've got 3 simple steps to help you get your curls back on track. 

Step 1: Clarify

The first step in recovering your hair from damage is to clarify.

Clarifying is when you use a shampoo that has stronger cleansing agents in it than a normal sulphate-free shampoo. By cleansing more intensely, it will remove any product build-up your hair might have, making it ready to absorb all the goodness from the treatments you're about to apply. 


Step 2: Strengthen

After a gym workout, you're advised to have a protein shake to replenish your muscles. Think of your hair in the same way. It's done a full workout by being exposed to heat / sun / chlorine etc. and it needs to be replenished. 

Apply a protein treatment to freshly clarified hair, and watch your curls shrink back to life as the treatment is absorbed by your clean strands. 

Step 3: Hydrate

Finally, after giving your hair a good detox and strengthening treatment, it's time to hydrate it, so you can leave it feeling silky smooth.

Use a deep conditioner to intensely hydrate your hair. Let it sit in your hair for at least 10-15 minutes, and apply a heat cap for an even deeper treatment. 



If your hair has chronic damage, repeat this process on a weekly basis, until your hair feels healthier and softer. Otherwise, you can do this 1-2 times per month.

Remember to listen to your hair - it will always show you what it needs!