Curls and Humidity - How To Minimise Frizz 

Lazy beach days, endless summer nights with friends,  cocktail bars, and… Frizzy curls! 

Do high humidity levels stress you out? It doesn’t have to be that way! We’re sharing our top tips to maintaining frizz-free curls this summer. 

Read the Ingredients: Humectant-Free & Humidity Resistant Products 

First thing’s first: lookout for certain ingredients in your products, specifically humectants. 

What Are Humectants? 

Humectants are a large group of ingredients that attract water. They are used in a wide range of skincare and haircare products to help with hydration.

How Do They Work? 

Humectants attract water molecules from the atmosphere to your hair, resulting in more moisture retention. In high humidity levels, however, humectants attract much more water to your hair than is required, so the hair stand swells, loses its shape and creates frizz. High porosity hair is usually more prone to this. On the other hand, in very low humidity levels, humectants can attract moisture away from your hair and into the atmosphere, resulting in dryness and breakage.

Some humectant-free products that provide a strong hold are: 

Ecoslay Orange Marmalade

Ecoslay Jello Shot 

Bounce Curl Alcohol-Free Hair Spray 

Humidity resistant ingredients include polyquats i.e. Polyquaternium-69, polyquaternium-70 and copolymers e.g. PVA / VP copolymer.

You can find PVA / VP copolymer in the Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel. 

Bounce Curl Light Crème Gel

Use Emollients 

Emollients are oils and butters that repel water and delay the onset of frizz. When used correctly, they can give great results. 

The Bouclème Revive 5 Glow Oil can be used to seal your style and block any humidity from entering your hair. It has the added benefit of biodegradable glitter which will give you some extra sparkle this summer. 

Be careful though, as these products may cause build-up and need to be properly cleansed from your hair. Use a clarifying shampoo to remove build-up and reset your scalp. 

Bouclème Scalp Exfoliating Shampoo 


Bounce Curl Enzyme Gentle Clarifying Shampoo

Layer your products and don’t be afraid of gels. 

Strong hold products are key when it comes to fighting frizz. Using a leave-in or a cream on its own won’t be enough to frizz-proof your curls. Combine this with a strong hold gel and don’t worry about the cast it creates - you can just scrunch it out when your hair has dried to get a natural look. 


Every head of hair is unique and has different needs. Experiment to find a routine that works for you. Try different application methods and see which combinations give you the best results. 

Embrace the frizz... 

Although there are ways to minimise it, frizz is normal and it’s often unavoidable. Remember that the key to fighting frizz is to have healthy, hydrated hair! When hair is sufficiently hydrated, it won’t reach for moisture from the atmosphere. Use the right products, give your curls some hydration and love, and the world is your oyster!