Your complete guide to managing the summer frizz!

We’re already in the heart of summer, temperatures are as high as ever and… our curls have become frizzy. I’m here to let you know that some frizz is absolutely normal, but you can definitely minimise it as much as possible, if you use the right tools. We’re sharing our top 3 tips to maintaining frizz-free curls this (and every) summer.

Your complete guide to managing the summer frizz!

No1: Choose humectant-free* & humidity-resistant products

It’s no secret that the Ecoslay Orange Marmalade is one of our faves 😌 Its hydrating formulation is glycerin-free, making it perfect for the humid summer months. It also gives a strong hold & provides protection against frizz. If you’re looking for something lighter (and with protein in it), then the BounceCurl Light Creme Gel is the perfect choice for a gel that provides medium hold whilst giving you flowy curls & volume!

We want to be generous with you, so here are 2 more choices 🫶🏻

  1. The Ecoslay Jello Shot is the Orange Marmalade’s bigger sister - stronger hold, but the same, glycerin-free formulation
  2.  The Bounce Curl Alcohol-Free Hairspray is a phenomenal finishing product that sets your curls in place for hours

Whatever you choose to add to your routine, we guarantee you’ll be left with protected waves & curls 😘

No2: Use Emollients 

No2: Use emollients 

Emollients are oils and butters that repel water and delay the onset of frizz. When used correctly, they can give great results. 

The Flora & Curl African Superfruit Oil can be used to seal your style and block any humidity from entering your hair. Use it as the last step in your styling routine, when your hair is about 80% dry. 

Be careful though, as emollients may cause build-up (especially if you have fine hair) & need to be properly  washed out from your hair. Scalp & hair balance starts with your shampoo, so discover the right one, specifically for your needs.👯‍♀️

Use emollients like oils to seal in moisture & protect from the summer frizz

No3: This fight calls for the strongest contestant: Gels.

Strong hold products are key when it comes to fighting frizz. Using a leave-in or a cream on its own won’t be enough to frizz-proof your curls. Combine your styling cream or leave-in conditioner with a strong hold gel for added protection & long-lasting hold.

Don’t worry about the cast gels create - THIS is what provides protection. If you don’t like your cast to be too strong, you can partly scrunch it out when your hair has dried to get a natural look. 

Bonus: Relax, take it ea-easy 🎶

Although there are ways to minimise it, frizz is normal and it’s often unavoidable. Our hair is also struggling in the humid weather, so let’s embrace it more! After all, perfection is just an illusion. 

Remember to keep your hair moisturised & protected during sleep as this will allow you to wash your hair less frequently


Use strong hold gels for long-lasting hold and protection against humidity

*Humectants are a large group of ingredients that attract water. They are used in a wide range of skincare & haircare products to help with hydration.

How Do They Work? 

Humectants attract water molecules from the atmosphere to your hair, resulting in more moisture retention. In high humidity levels, however, humectants attract much more water to your hair than is required, so the hair stand swells, loses its shape and creates frizz. High porosity hair is usually more prone to this. On the other hand, in very low humidity levels, humectants can attract moisture away from your hair and into the atmosphere, resulting in dryness and breakage.

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