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Bouclème Starter Kit
Bouclème Starter Kit
Bouclème Starter Kit
Bouclème Starter Kit
Bouclème Starter Kit
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Bouclème Starter Kit

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Bouclème, the ultimate in plant powered hair care for natural curls. Passionate about the planet, these naturally derived products are sustainable and come in eco-friendly packaging.

Your Starter Kit contains:

  • Hydrating Hair Cleanser 300ml
  • Curl Conditioner 300ml
  • Curl Cream 300ml
  • Curl Defining Gel 300ml
  • FREE Boucles Project Tote Bag


Apply generous amounts of cleanser to fingertips and massage the scalp well using a circular motion. Start at the top of the head, working from front to back followed by the sides and nape of the neck. Apply to and massage the lengths of the hair as necessary. Rinse hair thoroughly.

Can be alternated with the Curl Cleanser to balance oil production in the scalp whilst maintaining maximum moisture in length of hair.

Due to delicate balance within the super-efficacious formula, a shake before use is recommended.


Our super-hydrating curl conditioner strengthens and protects hair from environmental stressors

Apply to soaking wet hair. Section dense/thick curls into 2 or more sections to ensure even coverage. Rake Curl Conditioner through hair using your fingers, adding more conditioner and water in small doses until hair looks milky and makes a squelching sound when squeezed. Pay special attention to drier areas such as ends of hair and back of the head.

Rinse out partly or fully depending on your curl pattern and texture. For drier, thicker curl types we recommend leaving the conditioner in. For loose curls and waves experiment with rinsing partly.


Our ultra-nourishing leave-in soft hold cream offers unrivalled moisture and humidity protection.

Our Curl Cream can be used on wet hair for styling and dry hair for an extra moisture boost.

On wet hair:

Fine textures, start with a pea-sized amount and build slowly as needed. Medium/thick textures use ½-1 pump per section. Rake Curl Cream through curls using fingers, ensure even distribution. For extra hold follow with our Curl Defining Gel.

For curls that lose moisture quickly apply on top of your conditioner, add 1 or 2 pumps of Revive 5 hair oil and then follow with Curl Defining Gel.

For an extra moisture boost after wash day, take a 5p sized amount with a little water, loosen in your hand and either squeeze into hair or spot treat individual curls.


Our best-selling moisturising gel has a serum-like consistency making it effortless to apply.

Apply gel to soaking wet hair for maximum effect.

For extra volume pour gel into palms and smooth gel over canopy, tip head forward and repeat underneath, scrunch and hold each section for a few seconds to encourage curl formation. Apply more gel to ends where needed.

For volume control use fingers to rake gel through hair in sections starting at the back of the head and working towards the front. Ensure even distribution. This method works well for medium/thick textures to elongate curls and prevent shrinkage.

Style as usual, avoid touching your hair until it’s completely dry - it’s hard we know but this will prevent ruffling of curls causing flyaways! Once hair is completely dry, tip head forward and scrunch out the gel to release the cast.