Our Story

Aren't you tired of hearing that curls are "messy" and need to be "tamed"? So are we! At Boucles Project, we believe curls should be celebrated, so we're showing the world how amazing and beautiful they truly are. By helping you embrace your wavy, curly or coily hair, we're one step further in achieving our mission: to make every curly-headed person proud of who they are.

So that no curly child needs to go through what we went through.

We're swapping out harsh chemicals for plant-based ingredients and hair straighteners for diffusers, to reveal soft, defined, healthy curls.

We only stock products that we've tested (on our own curly hair), and work with brands who share our values to ensure we bring you the highest quality products that will deliver results.

With the right knowledge and ingredients (and a little bit of patience!), your hair will be transformed.

Welcome to the curl revolution, 




Sama Meibar

Founder @ Boucles Project