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What Is Porosity?


 Hair porosity refers to your hair's ability to absorb & retain moisture. Understanding your hair's porosity is crucial to figuring out what your hair needs and how to choose the right products.



  • Takes time for your hair to get fully wet
  • Products "sit" on your hair and don't get absorbed easily
  • Hair doesn't break easily
  • Takes a very long time for your hair to dry


  • Hair breaks easily
  • Doesn't keep its shape
  • Can be dull
  • Easily gets dehydrated
  • Hair that is heat/sun damaged, dyed or chemically treated is usually High Porosity

RememberYour hair can be high porosity in one place and low in another (especially if it's dyed). Your hair porosity can also change over time.


Take this easy online test to determine your hair porosity.